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20 Tips for an Amazing Thanksgiving on a Budget

20 Tips for an Amazing Thanksgiving on a Budget 20 Tips for an Amazing Thanksgiving Dinner on a Budget 20 Tips for an Amazing Thanksgiving Dinner on a BudgetBeing generous at  Thanksgiving  is good. But spending way more than necessary? Not so much.Thanksgiving is a time for reflection, spending time with family, and wondering how you will possibly afford this meal and all your holiday shopping without squeezing your budget and dipping into your savings account.You have a lot to be thankful for this year, but that doesn’t mean you have a bank account the size of a massive turkey leg. Although it might look more like a chicken leg â€" or even a pheasant.But never fear. It’s possible to have an incredible, unforgettable  Thanksgiving  dinner  without spending all of your gravy. Read on for tips on how you can turn your  Thanksgiving  into a Thanksaving!1. Buy in seasonAs great as it would be to have a literal cornucopia overflowing with every kind of vegetable you can imagine as your Thanksgiving centerpiece, you’re better off sticking to what’s in season. Sweet potatoes, squash , and pumpkin should be more affordable, and they’re pretty much as autumn as you can get. Brussel sprouts should also be in season, and despite what you may remember from your childhood, they can actually be quite good.2. Don’t be afraid to think inside the canFresh sounds better, but it can be much more expensive. And when it comes to something like pumpkin pie, how many people will really be able to tell whether the filling originally came from a fresh pumpkin? You can even get the cranberry sauce from a can. We won’t tell. Just make sure to smash it up so it isn’t still shaped like the can before you bring it to the table.3. Don’t be afraid of frozen vegetablesPretty much everything we just said about canned goods applies here, but for frozen vegetables. Trust us: Nobody will know if the  green beans  you put in the  casserole  were purchased from the frozen section of the  grocery store. Most frozen  veggies  are flash frozen shortly after they’re picked, so it’s cheaper and they likely will hold up much better than if you purchase them fresh and freeze them yourself.4. Collect those deals for your  shopping listWhy shop harder when you can shop smarter? “My number one recommendation for a more affordable  Thanksgiving  is to shop strategically by collecting or looking up all of the  Thanksgiving  grocery store  circulars the week before  Thanksgiving,” said Katie Moseman, food blogger at  Recipe For Perfection. “You’ll be able to compare prices between stores on all the items you need, then make a shopping plan to pick up everything at the most affordable price.”5. Get your phone in on the actionThere’s something to be said for the lost art of manually clipping coupons from those pamphlets that appear on your front stoop or in your mailbox. But we also have technology your grandmother’s coupon drawer could only dream about, and there’s nothing wrong with using it. Consider checking out your savings apps so you can get the be st prices on all of your Turkey Day provisions. If youre looking to avoid coupons altogether, you can check out some extra savings tips here.6. Recipe for successNo doubt you already have a whole collection of classic Thanksgiving recipes, but it doesn’t hurt to learn some more. There are many budget-friendly recipes online just waiting to be found. Moseman even shared two she created herself that shouldn’t too drastically tap into your Thanksgiving meal bank account: southern style squash casserole  and  foolproof boneless turkey breast.7. Don’t fear the  potluck    You’re hosting the dinner and presumably preparing most of the food. There’s nothing wrong with asking the guests to do their part. In fact, Andrea Correale, founder and CEO of  Elegant Affairs Catering, suggested just that very thing: “Delegate, delegate, and delegate. Ask your guests to contribute to the feast! Let them know what it is you have covered and ask them to bring the rest. Make a list of who is bringing what so you can be sure each person who contributes is bringing something different. Again, it is all about sharing in a delicious meal.” Bonus: You’ll save money too!8. Skip unnecessary serving stuffIf you’re having more people in your home than you have before, you may think you’ll need to invest in lots of additional serving utensils and dishes. According to Correale, that may not be the case: “It’s fun to present the food in an oven-to-table fashion,  serve the food right from the vessels they were cooked in, and eliminate the mess and space it takes to transfer the food into decorative bowls. I like to place little blackboard menu signs that I purchase at the craft store next to each dish to add a special touch.”9. Sometimes, more is too muchThere’s a tendency to go overboard on the food when it comes to  Thanksgiving  dinner. But making too many different dishes may not only cut into the budget, it may lessen the enjoyment of the later dishes. Here’ s what Correale had to say: “Don’t overstuff your guests with a lot of  appetizers. Not only do they take up room in your tiny space, but in your guests’ stomachs, as well. We want them nice and hungry for dinner, so they enjoy the fruits of our labor.”10. Take good stock of what you already haveGot any old cans in the back of your cabinet that you totally forgot were there? What about frozen vegetables in the back of your freezer? Before you get started on shopping, see what you can make with what you’ve already got lying around. Unless you have a spare turkey lying around, you’ll probably still have to do quite a bit of shopping, but you may as well cut out expenses when you can.11. Buy in bulkNot only will you be making a lot of food for  Thanksgiving, but you’ll probably be planning to eat again someday. Buying in bulk saves money, and we are sure you’ll find a way to use any leftover ingredients.12. If you’re traveling, make plans way, way, way in advanceEvery one tries to travel for Thanksgiving, so the price of any airline, train, or bus ticket is way more expensive than most other times of year. Unless you’re driving, you will want to book your travel as early as you possibly can. It can be difficult to know whether you’ll be able to get time off for Thanksgiving, so investigate which airline or bus tickets will allow for a full refund, just in case. We wrote a whole blog post  on how to travel for less, so check it out to see which tips might be applicable for your  Thanksgiving  travel situation. Additional tips can be  found here.13. If you’re serving alcohol, keep the options limitedIt might impress your guests to have a fully stocked bar, but if there’s something they really want, they can bring it themselves. If you’re serving the hard stuff, don’t be afraid to go for the cheap option and get some bottles of juice or soda to mix it with it. A few hours in, who’s really going to notice anyway?14. Figure out your turk ey needs and do a little mathDoes it make sense to buy a whole bird, or could you settle for some breasts, thighs, and/or drumsticks? Those will also cook a lot faster. Or maybe, just maybe … you don’t need a turkey. We know, we know, that’s bordering on blasphemy, but if you have family or friends who prefer chicken anyway, it could be the cheaper option.15. Make your own stale breadYou’re not going to buy stale bread, or as they try to call it, “croutons,” from the store, are you? That’s a sucker’s game! Save up your bread for a week or so before Thanksgiving and use that for the stuffing. Just make sure it doesn’t get moldy. Store it in the fridge to help prevent catastrophe.16. Change up recipes as neededWe already mentioned looking for budget recipes, but you can typically turn almost any recipe into a budget recipe. It might take some experimentation, but since most recipes aren’t necessarily written for the budget conscious, there are likely all sorts of w ays you can cut corners and costs. Just find the cheaper substitutions.17. Minimize the meatThis is probably a given, but meat can be expensive. Unless all your guests are vegetarian or vegan, you might not be able to get away with skipping the turkey. However, there should be more than enough appetizers and sides you can make to avoid spending extra money on meat.18. Go for dried beansWe already mentioned that canned goods can be cheaper than fresh, but when it comes to beans, dried is usually cheaper than canned. Soak ‘em up or use a  slow cooker  if you’ve got one. Beans are cheap and filling, and you can have them as a  side dish  or add them to rice or stuffing.19. Make your own condimentsThousand Island dressing? We know you know that’s ketchup and mayo. You can easily make your own  Italian dressing,  too. Don’t get trapped under the heel of Big Condiment!20. Remember: It’s about friends and familyWhether you’re having a big turkey or a series of small turkey sand wiches,  Thanksgiving  is about being with friends and family and appreciating them. And that’s priceless.With these tips, you’ll turn your Turkey Day into a Turkey Yay! Happy  Thanksgiving, from us to you!This post was updated on October 14, 2019. It originally published November 2, 2017.  ContributorsAndrea Correale is the founder and CEO of Elegant Affairs based in Glen Cove, New York, and serving New York City, the Hamptons, and the Gold Coast of Long Island. Andrea has catered for some of the most discerning A-List taste buds including Brooke Shields, Mariah Carey, Russell Simmons, P. Diddy, Jimmy Fallon, and Liam Neeson â€" to name a few! Follow her @AndreaCorreale.Katie Moseman is a freelance writer, photographer, and recipe developer whose work can be found on her blogs, Recipe for Perfection and Magnolia Days, as well as in numerous national publications. She lives in Florida with her family. Follow her @RecipeForPerfec.

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Supply For A Continuous Supply - 1134 Words

cannot ensure a continuous supply for the product UV4 from its sourcing country, China, because the Chinese governmental ban on the use of UV4’s raw material. He has to make a plan by the next day to address the short-term shortage of supply. Associated Issue The higher level of issues that should be taken into account are: global sourcing; strategic sourcing; supplier management; cost analysis; supplier relations and risk management. Issue Analysis Major of facts †¢ The company had annual sales of $140 million, employed 400 people in offices around the world †¢ The crystal quartz sleeve that acted as an ultratransparent barrier between the water and the UV lamp are very expensive and difficult to procure †¢ The company had traditionally†¦show more content†¦- Because this purchase from AMS is 30% of total sleeve cost, the total spend for this commodity was approximately $1.7 million (510,000/0.3) - Trojan’s piece price cost from Juntao was 30% of its cost from AMS, which is approximately $15.30 per sleeve or $153,000 per year. - After the ban rule, is Juntao import raw material will lead to a cost of $28 per sleeves, and $280,000 per year. - The $77 cost from AMS is approximately at 50% premium. According to the 80/20 allocation plan, the annual cost would be $154,000(2000*77). Purchases from Juntao would be $122,400 for 8,000 units, which is a total cost of $276,400 – a net reduction of 46% in costs. - If Trojan buy 100% from AMS, its costs would be $770,000, a premium of $260,000. - Based on annual revenues of $140 million and unit sales of 500 to 600, the average unit sold has a value of $233,000 to $280,000. Alternative solutions 1. First, Juntao imports raw materials. The costs would increase by approximately $127,000(28-15.3=12.7, 12.7*10000). Pros: It might be a long-term solution, because Trojan want to keep its LCS and global sourcing strategy. Cons: It will not address the short-term supply shortage problem because import material is available in next month. This option is somehow risky, because we don’t know if Juntao has ability to secure appropriateShow MoreRelatedSupply Chain Of A Continuous Replenishment System Essay1712 Words   |  7 PagesReorder point control is part of a continuous replenishment system that orders stock when a pre-determined level of inventory is reached. This system determines when to order not how much. Pre-determined levels are calculated using a forecast amount and safety stock margin and set as minimums and maximum quantities. The theory behind this hybrid or push-pull strategy is that a pull system is used in the first instance to achieve economies of scale and a pull system is used secondary in order toRead MoreCustomer Service and Online Delivery Systems1122 Words   |  5 Pagesmay have a great product, but if it is not delivered to the customer when they need it, the customer will move to the competitor and the product will fail. Organizations must recognize the importance of their supply chain and ensure that the right solutions and tools are in place. The supply chain is a system/network that includes inventory, distribution and transportation functions and consists of raw material suppliers, producers, storage warehouses, distribution centers and retailers. The traditionalRead MoreToyota Learning Principles and the V4L Framework1218 Words   |  5 PagesToyota is well known for its approach to problem solving and continuous improvement. Articles by practitioners, researchers, and participants have made the tools and techniques of continuous improvement familiar to every business executive. For example, phrases such as andon, heijunka, and kanban have become part of the day-to-day vocabulary of managers. In an insightful commentary on these tools and techniques, Jeffrey Liker writes that Toyota’s success goes beyond these tools and techniques toRead MoreGovernment Intervention in Agriculture Industry in Indonesia Essay532 Words   |  3 Pagesfruits and vegetables to increase due to shortage of supply. Not only that, ineq uality in distribution of income by farmers has take place due to lack of capital acess (TheJakartaPost, 2010). The market economy requires institution such as government to implement policies and making decisions to maintain market and avoid market failures like monopoly and negative externalities. Government intervention such as decision to guarantee continuous supplies of horticultural products will not only complementRead MoreThe Effects Of Redesigning The New Zealand Electricity Market Case Study703 Words   |  3 Pagesredesigning the New Zealand Electricity Market, so that offers are in the format of a continuous piecewise-linear (PWL) function, rather than the current discontinuous step function. In particular, we wish to consider whether the using PWL supply offers result in less volatile electricity price, and smoother, monotonic changes in prices when demand fluctuates. Issues with Current Supply Offers Currently, supply offers submitted by generators in the New Zealand Electricity Market are in the form ofRead MoreMarketing Analysis : Inc.1405 Words   |  6 Pagesincome of the next 10 largest online stores Amazon claims that whatever the customer wants is just a mouse click away and attempts to deliver their products at the cheapest price in the market place. In 2014 Amazon was ranked number 3 in the Gartner Supply Chain Top 25 for the third year running (Aronow, Horman, Burke, Niles, Romano 2015). Amazon’s Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunity, and Threat (SWOT) Analysis provided by cites Amazon’s strengths as largest online retailerRead MoreLean Supply Chain Is A Catalyst For Enhancing Product Quality And Business Performance1375 Words   |  6 PagesIn a constantly evolving market, companies must maintain the mindset of continuous improvement and they must focus on speed, efficiency and customer value to be competitive (Cudney Elrod, 2011). Applying lean concepts goes beyond having a better product than competitors; it’s the supply chains ability to create end-to-end value for the organization and customer. Therefore, for the supply chain to provide organizational success collaboration with all users is critical because effective communicationRead MoreUsing Jit As An Operational Improvement1117 Words   |  5 Pagesstage in a production chain. In other words, using a JIT supply chain system saves storage space by minimising stock o n the premises. (Paton et al., 2011). This report makes an explorative study of the BMW’s supply chain which uses JIT as an operational improvement. The automobile supply chain needs an efficient supplier, a powerful production line, and distribution network along. The quality and delivery of supplies is a critical part of supply chains and the suppliers needs to be evaluated properlyRead MoreIs It Wise For Sandvik For Decouple The Forward And Reverse Supply Chains?1331 Words   |  6 PagesWas it wise for Sandvik to decouple the forward and reverse supply chains? How could the reverse supply chain be improved and could the firm potentially go so far as to integrate the two so that reverse logistics would not be such a separate process? In reverse logistics, the design, control, and operation of a recovery value system will reflect the whole life cycle of a product. This is the concept of closed-loop supply chains, in which zero-waste is achieved in the â€Å"forward flows of materialsRead MoreComponents Of An Integrated Logistics System930 Words   |  4 Pagesand handling Products that flow through the supply chain via transportation and warehousing are contained within packaging which protects and identifies the contents. The package is moved through the supply chain via the handling system, hence effective packaging and handling are important components of an integrated logistics system (Bowersox et al. 2013). 5.1 Packaging There are many different types and sizes of packages to move goods through the supply chain. The selection and coordination of packaging

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Essay on Nikola Tesla American Genious - 1179 Words

They called him ‘The Master of Lightning†. He changed the very way people look at electricity. His inventions and theories are still in use to this very day. This man had many inventions and some of them never made it off the blueprints, but the ones that did achieved wondrous feats such as replacing Edison’s DC current, creating power from water, and illuminating rooms with cordless light bulbs. He was a genius with a few odd habits and name was Nikola Tesla. Nikola Tesla was born in Smiljan, Croatia July 10th, 1856. Nikola’s father was Milutin Tesla who was a Serbian Orthodox Priest. His mother was Djouka Mandic who was an inventor who made household appliances. He had one brother, whose name was Dane, and three sisters:†¦show more content†¦Tesla was particularly fond of mathematics and would often perform calculations in his head faster than the teacher could write them on the board. At first he was suspected of cheating. In 1873 Nikola Tesla graduated the gymnasium at the age of 17. At the time that Tesla graduated there was a cholera epidemic throughout the country. Even though his parents urged him not to return he did and caught the disease. His father promised Tesla that if he survived, he would be allowed to attend the Austrian Polytechnic School at Graz to study engineering. After recovering he began studying mechanical and electrical engineering at the renowned Polytechnic School (Cheney). When Tesla wa s living in Prague his father passed away which forced him to think seriously about earning a living. With help from one of his uncles Tesla found a job as a draftsman with the Central Telephone Exchange of the Hungarian government. Later in 1884 Tesla arrived in New York as an immigrant with a letter of introduction and not much else. During the summer of 1884 Tesla dropped in to see Thomas Edison and handed him the letter from Charles Batchelor which when Edison opened it stated â€Å"I know two great men and your are one of them, the other is this young man.† Nikola Tesla was then hired and quickly rose up from solving minor complications to fixing some of the companies most complex issues. As time went on Tesla noticed

Confidential Info About Topics for a Process Analysis Essay That Only the Experts Know About

Confidential Info About Topics for a Process Analysis Essay That Only the Experts Know About New Step by Step Roadmap for Topics for a Process Analysis Essay You may even locate a funny approach to teach your readers how to modify their settings. You can find with new ideas for young girls who aspire to become one if you've got the present of style. The topic you select ought to be best for your intended audience. What's more, you're likely to want to decide on a process which you're acquainted with but that the vast majority of your readers aren't. The Unexpected Truth About Topics for a Process Analysis Essay You may also make your own process analysis for your day-to-day life tasks. The key issue is that the procedure is described in a logical order and in an obvious way. You must also understand the procedure and highlight its importance. The present tax procedure is extremely complex, and a flat tax would produce the procedure very straightforward and would conserve the country billions of dollars. Again, in case there are any dangerous steps, make sure that you warn the reader. After you choose the procedure you wish to concentrate on, you then need to earn a list of steps necessary to attain the aims of the activity. Creating an outline will provide you with the opportunity to consider which steps are important and then set the steps in the right purchase. Describing the steps alone may be dull. The Key to Successful Topics for a Process Analysis Essay Selecting an excellent topic makes it simpler to write since there's a need to figure out the reach of the topic that's neither too narrow nor too wide. If you've got the chance to select your topic, describing a process, you're familiarized with will produce the task a good deal simpler. The issue sets in in the event you aren't provided a topic. As a student, you will need to master the art of selecting the right essay topic. Picking a topic for the informative essay isn't a tricky matter to do, so long as you understand what you demand. As soon as you own a topic you enjoy, you can start outlining it to observe how well it will actually do the job. The essay topics are categorized in various groups only for the ease of readers. In that instance, you can observe the way the focus of your analysis will impact the end result, and the way your focus will invariably alter the direction you take when you make your process analysis essay. To summarize, you ought to present an in depth analysis of the full procedure. A process analysis essay denotes the sort of academic writing, which includes a thorough description of the specific process in the form of the step-by-step guide. You may even compose a process analysis essay about ways to compose a process analysis paragraph. You need to make sure your essay is not just int eresting to read, but it's also thorough and actually informative for your reader. An enjoyable thing about process analysis essays is you may even compose an essay about ways to write process analysis essays. There are plenty of topics that it is possible to utilize to develop the process analysis essay. There are a few well-known topics for such essays that just about all students like. What Topics for a Process Analysis Essay Is - and What it Is Not If you aren't sure it is possible to develop a substantial paper, then use an expert assistance, and receive a well-written essay that will correspond to the highest degree. The process essays are normally written for companies or people who need tutorials. There are a few particular things you are able to do to write an enjoyable process analysis essay. Essentially, a process analysis essay is a how-to paper which should inform readers about how to do something and teach them essential things to do to reach certain targets. You can imagine a process analysis for a mechanism description set against a technique of chronology and understandable sequence. A process analysis essay is important when you prefer to eliminate wasted effort, or when you desire to keep a streamlined course of action. It's wise to go with a process you've completed quite a few times before. After the introduction, you will start to describe the step-by-step procedure. A methodical strategy is required to compose a process essay. For starters, you have to understand that its objective is to explain a practice. The Unexpected Truth About Topics for a Process Analysis Essay It is essential to start the essay with a systematic flow to make certain your readers do not eliminate interest of reading your work till they complete it. It's better to attempt to teach a reader something you like doing. You need to make sure your reader keeps on reading. After reading the essay, readers ought to be able to finish the task themselves. The Little-Known Secrets to Topics for a Process Analysis Essay The one difference is the body of the essay since it isn't built in a type of arguments and evidence. Your basic aim is to help different men and women receive a set of their complexity and length in accordance with your explanations. A whole lot of the moment, it will help to break down each process into subsections.

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Stanford Prison Experiment Research Paper Example

Stanford Prison Experiment Paper The prison Experiment conducted at Stanford University in 1971 was intended to find out what would happen if average innocent people were placed in a prison environment on both sides (inmate and guard). The experiment began with a newspaper add asking for male college aged volunteers to participate in the experiment and outlined some of the things they might endure. The large number of volunteers was reduced through a series of psychological tests to find those who appeared the most stable. The researchers anticipated some psychological effects on the participants, but the results they discovered were far more intense than they had prepared for. These overwhelming effects on even the research professionals involved led to an early end to the experiment. Procedure The experiment began with an ad in the paper asking for college aged male volunteers, who would be paid fifteen dollars per day (Zimbardo, 1999). There were more than one hundred people who responded to the ad. The large number of respondents was narrowed down through a series of psychological experiments. The group was narrowed to twenty-four young men, who were determined to be mentally stable and average. The twenty-four were divided randomly into two groups by a coin toss. Half were to be prison guards and the other half was to be prison inmates. In order to set the stage for the prison to look realistic, three rooms in the basement of one of the Stanford buildings were sectioned off and the doors were replaced with doors containing bars and cell numbers. There were no windows or clocks provided to keep the prisoners from knowing the time of day (Zimbardo, 1999). We will write a custom essay sample on Stanford Prison Experiment specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Stanford Prison Experiment specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Stanford Prison Experiment specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer Both ends of the hallway were boarded off to keep the prisoners from seeing ways to escape. The head psychologist was assigned as the prison superintendent. Other researchers participated in various capacities, but the direct supervision of the prisoners was left up to the experimental guards. A person who had spent time in prison was called in to be a consultant for treatment of the prisoners to determine how close the simulation was to a real prison setting. Methods The first day of the experiment, the people selected to be inmates were arrested from their homes by real policemen and placed in real police cars. They were taken to jail for processing and were then taken to the made-up prison. Once inside the prison the guards were given free reign within reason to treat them as prisoners. There were nine prisoners in the prison unit at all times with three on-call at their homes in case a replacement was needed. Each prisoner was strip searched and de-liced and was then given a gown with no undergarments and with an inmate number printed on it. The inmates were forced to wear hats made from panty hose to simulate shaved heads (Zimbardo, 1999). The purpose of this was to start them off with a feeling of humiliation to gain control over them. They were placed three per room and with the placement of the beds in the rooms were left little room for anything besides sitting or lying on the bed. There was a small closet designated as the solitary confinement room for the prisoners deemed as trouble makers. The restroom was down the hall, which was outside of the prison area. For this reason the prisoners were blindfolded, when they went to the restroom. Any incidents of non-compliance were met with punishments ranging from in the beginning push-ups to later much harsher punishments. At the beginning of the experiment, the guards were hesitant to be strict with them. The experiment continued with priests and lawyers coming in to interview the inmates. Results The researchers had anticipated that the prisoners and the guards would have some reactions based on their assigned roles, but the results of the actual experiment were amazing even to the people who had studied it. The people all started out to be considered relatively equal, but once they became involved in their roles personality differences became more apparent. The first day of the experiment, the inmates seemed to react in surprise to the initial treatment and complied with the directives given to them throughout the day. The second day, the prisoners began the day with a rebellion. They barricaded the guards out by placing their beds against the doors. This was met with the guards calling for reinforcements and strict punishments including using clubs to get them back under control. Following this the guards used other methods to create mistrust among the inmates to keep them from grouping together. Some of the non-compliant prisoners were placed in solitary confinement and others were forced to go without food for a period of time. The prisoners were called by their numbers instead of their names and after only a few days began addressing themselves by their numbers. This was a way of taking away their identities. After only a few days the guards and prisoners became entangled into their roles to the extent they called lawyers at the suggestion of a priest to help get them out and they went before a parole board to find out if they could get out of prison. When parole was denied some of them became seriously depressed. They had apparently forgotten they could request to leave the experiment at any time. The parents of the inmates also requested help to get their sons out of the experiment, as if they were really in prison. Some of the guards became sadistic and would use demeaning and in some cases pornographic punishments during the night when they thought the researchers were not watching. Two of the prisoners had such a strong reaction that they became distressed to the point of violent sobbing and needed medical attention. They were both released early. After the two were released, one of the on call prisoners was brought in. He did not have the opportunity to gradually become accustomed to the conditions and treatment. He went on a hunger strike shortly after becoming part of the experiment. After all attempts to get the new inmate to eat failed, he was placed in solitary for a longer period of time than anyone was supposed to be in it. The other inmates were given the choice of leaving him in solitary all night and for some special privileges, they chose to leave him in all night. The guards did eventually let him out and he was then quite distressed. The head researcher discovered he was too involved in his role as the prison superintendent, when he rearranged everything to hide the prisoners to keep them from escaping. He realized he had lost sight of the experiment and had actually become the role he was playing. When the researchers discovered how far out of control the experiment had become, they decided to end it after just six days out of the planned two week experiment. The men were all interviewed to get their views on how they were treated and what they thought had happened. Discussion Ethically the experiment would never be allowed in current society. Even prisoners are required to have some basic rights and dignified treatment. An experiment in which innocent people, even with informed consent are treated like prisoners would never be permitted. Human experimentation in any form in which there could be danger is rarely allowed. This experiment was beneficial in helping discover the effects that the prison setting could have on innocent people. It was interesting to see how the guards became involved in the roles to the point they could not separate themselves from it. They forgot that the people they were guarding were not real prisoners. The prisoners forgot their real names and became their prisoner numbers. They became depressed and to some degree almost mentally unstable. Since these people were determined to be stable before the experiment, it is easy to see how people in prison could become depressed and even suicidal if treated the way the people in the experiment were. It was enlightening to see how if people are treated poorly and stripped of their identity, they are not likely to become better people. Although this experiment could have been permanently detrimental to people’s mental health, it was beneficial to the world of psychology by providing a glimpse of what happened to people inside an institution. It showed how people were affected when their basic human rights were stripped from them.

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3 Examples of Problems with Parallel Structure

3 Examples of Problems with Parallel Structure 3 Examples of Problems with Parallel Structure 3 Examples of Problems with Parallel Structure By Mark Nichol In each of the following sentences, sentence construction obscures the complementary relationship between parallel phrases. Discussion following each example explains the problem, and revisions illustrate solutions. 1. Follow this step with user support and usage monitoring to ensure a smooth transition and optimal user experience during and post-implementation. The phrase â€Å"during and post-implementation† is treated as if it is an instance of suspensive hyphenation, but the sentence is incomplete with a noun after during: â€Å"Follow this step with user support and usage monitoring to ensure a smooth transition and an optimal user experience during implementation and postimplementation.† However, the prefixed word postimplementation is correct but unwieldy, so simply withhold the repetition and replace the prefix with a free-standing conjunction: â€Å"Follow this step with user support and usage monitoring to ensure a smooth transition and an optimal user experience during and after implementation.† 2. There seems to be an idea that blaming the other side for failure is as good, if not better, than getting something done in a bipartisan way. If a parenthetical phrase has been interjected into a sentence, in its absence, the base sentence must be syntactically valid. Here, the result of a test deletion of â€Å"if not better† is â€Å"There seems to be an idea that blaming the other side for failure is as good than getting something done in a bipartisan way.† Obviously, something is wrong- a repetition of as is necessary, and than belongs in the parenthesis: â€Å"There seems to be an idea that blaming the other side for failure is as good as, if not better than, getting something done in a bipartisan way.† 3. This regulation helps guarantee the financial services industry upholds its obligation to protect consumers and ensure that its systems are sufficiently constructed to prevent cyberattacks to the fullest extent possible. The conjunction that is sometimes unnecessary (â€Å"Do you think it’s required in this sentence?†), but if it employed in a given phrase, it should be included in a complementary phrase in the same sentence, as here: â€Å"This regulation helps guarantee that the financial services industry upholds its obligation to protect consumers and ensure that its systems are sufficiently constructed to prevent cyberattacks to the fullest extent possible.† (Without that in place after guarantee, the reader is initially misled into thinking that the regulation guarantees the industry itself rather than something about the industry.) Want to improve your English in five minutes a day? Get a subscription and start receiving our writing tips and exercises daily! Keep learning! Browse the Grammar category, check our popular posts, or choose a related post below:How Many Tenses in English?Try to vs. Try and20 Movies Based on Shakespeare Plays

Sunday, March 1, 2020

The Real Shape of Raindrops

The Real Shape of Raindrops Much like the snowflake symbolizes all things winter, a teardrop is a symbol of water and rain. We see them in illustrations and even on weather maps on TV. The truth is, a raindrop assumes several shapes as it falls from a cloud- none of which resemble teardrops. What is the true shape of a raindrop? Lets follow it along its journey from cloud to ground and find out! Droplets Raindrops, which are collections of millions of tiny cloud droplets, start out as small and round spheres. But as raindrops fall, they lose their rounded shape thanks to the tug-of-war between two forces: surface tension (the waters outer surface film which acts to hold the drop together) and the air flow which pushes up against the raindrops bottom as it falls.   Sphere to Hamburger Bun When the drop is small (under 1 mm across), surface tension wins out and pulls it into a spherical shape. But as the drop falls, colliding with other drops as it does so, it grows in size and it falls faster which increases the pressure on its bottom. This added pressure causes the raindrop to flatten on the bottom. Since the air flow on the bottom of the water drop is greater than the airflow at its top, the raindrop  remains curved on top, the raindrop resembles a hamburger bun. Thats right, raindrops have more in common with hamburger buns than falling on them and ruining your cookout- they are shaped like  them! Jelly Bean to Umbrella As the raindrop grows even bigger, the pressure along its bottom increases further and presses a dimple into it, making the raindrop look jelly-bean-shaped. When the raindrop grows to a large size (around 4 mm across or larger) the air flow has pressed so deeply into the water drop that it now resembles a parachute or an  umbrella. Soon after, the air flow presses through the raindrops top and breaks it apart into smaller drops.       To help visualize this process, watch the video, Anatomy of a Raindrop, courtesy of NASA.    Visualizing the Shape Due to the high speeds at which water droplets fall through the atmosphere, it is very difficult to see the variety of shapes it takes in nature without the use of high-speed photography. However, there is a way to model this in the lab, the classroom, or at home. An experiment you can do at home represents an analysis of raindrop shape through experimentation. Now that you know about raindrop shape and size, continue your raindrop exploration by learning why some rainshowers feel warm and others are cool to the touch.   SourcesAre Raindrops Tear-Shaped?  The USGS Water Science School